Don’t Hate Your Skin Type

Most people who have a certain skin type are people who wish they didn’t. Isn’t that why they want to address their issues all the time? However, a skin type is not inherintly bad. It’s simply the resting state of your skin.

Take for example oily skin. Oily skin is something that people dread. They feel it makes them look glossy. It’s not something that people with acne like because they think it’s the cause of their acne. Oily skin does not necessarily cause acne. Acne is a skin disease. Oily skin is not a skin disease. Before you get out your blotting papers, consider how pretty your sheen can be.

I understand all too well how you can feel if you want to wash your skin again by lunchtime. The blotting papers can take away can compunction because you get rid of the oil without disrupting your biome. Your skin will always have a dew, but you should learn to love it.

The same goes for dry skin. No one wants cracks and flakes. However, with a good moisturizer, you will probably be able to keep it under control. Think about how good it is to give your skin that drink. You will never have to worry about not looking matte. This can be good when it comes time for pictures. A matte finish takes a better photo.

Combination skin is ideal at times. It can be not too dry or not too moist. It can really be the perfect balance. You will just need an all purpose moisturizer. This can make it affordable when it comes to choosing a cream that works for both day and night. The chances are you will just need one for combination skin and it will work around the clock. This can save you money on skincare.